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Re: fast ethernet limits

  • From: Scott Granados
  • Date: Fri Jan 10 16:11:02 2003

You could use fiber and a fiber conversion box.

Or you could use a switch or repeater half way.

On Fri, 10 Jan 2003, Steve Rude wrote:

> Could someone please help me with a fast ethernet problem I am having.  We
> have a POP in a 27 floor building, and have a rj45 run from the the bottom
> of the building (in the telco room) to the top of the building.  We have
> cisco switches on either end and we are seeing about 5-20% packet loss on
> the trunk.
> Are we running into a distance limitation of fast ethernet, or are we suffering
> from another problem?  I read that 328 feet is the limitation of fast
> ethernet. Is there anything short of getting a repeater for the cable run
> that I can do to boost the signal?
> TIA for your help.
> Ciao.
> Steve Rude