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Re: US-Asia Peering

  • From: Paul Vixie
  • Date: Mon Jan 13 03:00:05 2003

[email protected] (Kurt Erik Lindqvist) writes:

> 	Bill,
> How do you see the failed AMS-IX expansion fit into this?
> My (very simplified) summary of what happened was that :
> ...
> At the time of the origin of the discussion I was peering co-ordinator at
> KPNQwest, and would have pulled-out of AMS-IX if the plans (and KQ..:) )
> would have moved on.

well of course i'm not bill, but (naturally) i will comment anyway.  was
AMS-IX planning to expand beyond its original metro and bridge all the XP
switches together?  if so then i understand exactly why KQ and other ISP's
would have pulled out of AMS-IX in protest (and in fear).  however, if the
expansion was intra-metro, then i must be confused, because KQ's major
source of bandwidth revenue should have been inter-metro not intra-metro.
Paul Vixie