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Re: uunet

  • From: Tim Thorne
  • Date: Sun Jan 19 17:23:53 2003

"Dave Howe" <[email protected]> wrote:

>there then followed a short conversation that amounted to that - given that
>$mydomain was working fine, they would *not* look at the problem for
>$contractorsdomain unless $contractor contacted them about it.  I found
>[email protected] worked fine, so managed to get *that* guy to
>get uunet to fix the problem (and it was literally a thirty second fix).

You can hardly expect an ISP to change an MX record on the opinion
(right or wrong) of a third party. It could be someone trying a little
social engineering. The customer or ISP could be in the middle of some
DNS changes. It could be someone talking out of their backside. This
kind of request for change needs to come through the proper channels
from the customer or their nominated point of contact.