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Re: New worm / port 1434?

  • From: Eric Gauthier
  • Date: Sat Jan 25 11:37:03 2003


I'm not sure if this helps at all.  Our campus has two primary connections - 
the main Internet and something called Internet2.  Internet2 has a routing
table of order 10,000 routes and includes most top-tier research instituations
in the US (and a few other places).  By 1am this morning (Eastern US time),
all of our Internet links saturated outbound but we didn't appear to see any 
noticable increase in our Internet2 bandwidth.  I'm throwing this out there 
because it may indicate that the destinations for the traffic - though large - 
aren't completely random.

Has anyone else seen this?

Eric :)

PS: Yep - we're a university and we're a source - big surprise there...  I 
just filtered out our 200Mbps contribution to this problem in case you're