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Re: Level3 routing issues?

  • From: alex
  • Date: Mon Jan 27 14:52:55 2003

> > Note that in the case of a worm, a VPN could work against you.  If you
> > have all the right filters in place at your "perimeter" and yet let
> > your employees in through a VPN solution of some sort, you could still
> > be screwed if one of their home systems gets infected somehow.
> So what you're saying is that a really good worm could infiltrate any secure
> network by targetting those who vpn from exterior sources, collect data, and
> then run? Hmmm. Wait a sec. Would that constitute a worm if it had purpose?

This is not correct. VPN simply extends security policy to a different
location. A VPN user must make sure that local security policy prevents
other traffic from entering VPN connection.