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Re: management interface accessability (was Re: Worm / UDP1434)

  • From: alex
  • Date: Mon Jan 27 14:59:16 2003

> > their computers on 24x7.  They may be infected, and will fire up their
> > VPN tunnels Monday morning.  This may introduce the worm into the chewy
> > center of many corporate networks.  Hopefully folks have put the proper
> > filters in place on their VPN access points.
> Wait, but isn't your corporate network 'secure' cause its got a super kewl
> firewall infront of it??

The problem is not firewall. The firewall is a tool to implement a security
policy. If the security policy is wrong, a firewall wont help you. In fact,
the best demonstration of a firewall is a Cat5 cable. Working cable is a
firewall with Allow:Any security policy. Cut in two, the cable is a firewall
implementing Allow:None security policy.