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RE: Banc of America Article

  • From: alex
  • Date: Mon Jan 27 15:06:08 2003

> I think you're leaving out a very viable possibility in your summary...
> What if BoA took a proactive approach and shut down their SQL environment
> (even though none of us known conclusively if they're a SQL or Oracle shop)
> to verify that it was in fact clean and not compromised.  When you're
> talking about access to billions of dollars, it's not worth taking a chance.
> They might have actually followed proper security protocol and verified
> their systems were clean before re-activating them.

Dear Customer, we have proactively shutdown the access to money of anyone
deposited with us to verify that we in fact can perform function that we
have been contracted by you to perform.

Still like it?

> Just a thought.

Just an answer.

> -Dave