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RE: Banc of America Article

  • From: Al Rowland
  • Date: Wed Jan 29 10:25:30 2003


IIRC, the ATM system is similar to CC transactions. A best effort is
made to authorize against your account (Credit Card or Banking) but if
it fails and the transaction is within a normal range (your daily card
limit) the CC/ATM completes the transaction. I'd be willing to bet the
failure rate Saturday was high enough to cause concern that bank
customers (knowingly or innocently) could bypass the normal limits and
overdraw or otherwise negatively effect their accounts. So BoA decided
to shut down the system until the failure rate returned to 'normal.' Not
a bad thing, IMHO.

Best regards,
Al Rowland

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> "About 13,000 Bank of America cash machines had to be shut 
> down. The bank's ATMs sent encrypted information through the 
> Internet, and when the data slowed to a crawl, it stymied 
> transactions, according to a source, who said customer 
> financial information was never in danger of being stolen."
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