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OT: Banc of America Article

  • From: Al Rowland
  • Date: Wed Jan 29 13:33:26 2003

I believe specific account data is not kept on the local machine. I may
be wrong, not to mention the data strip on the card...

Nothing new. Look at what happened to the Chicago Board of Trade a few
years back. I wonder how WCOM reported the out-of-court settlement for
that one their books. ;0

The original NSI SI,
National-Security-Internet-(Survivable-Infrastructure), model was
replaced years ago by the BBC, Best-Business-Case model, puns intended.

Best regards,
Al Rowland

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> > IIRC, the ATM system is similar to CC transactions. A best 
> effort is 
> > made to authorize against your account (Credit Card or 
> Banking) but if 
> > it fails and the transaction is within a normal range (your 
> daily card
> > limit) the CC/ATM completes the transaction.
> 	Too bad it is not the case, but lets presume that it 
> is. How does it explain branches not being able to process 
> direct withdrawals either?
> 	The incident on hand illustrates that the design of our 
> financial networks is broken. If a non sophisticated worm 
> managed to create so many problems, what is going to happen 
> should a real attack be mounted against the networks used by 
> financial services?
> Alex