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Re: mSQL Attack/Peering/OBGP/Optical exchange

  • From: Vijay Gill
  • Date: Thu Jan 30 15:14:38 2003

David Diaz <[email protected]> writes:

> With the rapid onset of an attack such as the one sat morning. Models
> I have show that not only would the spare capacity been utilized
> quickly but that in a tiered (colored) customer system. That the lower
> service level customers (lead colored, silver etc) would have had

Does your model(s) also take into account that people's capital
structure may not allow them the luxury of leaving multiple OC-X
ports wired up and sitting idle waiting for a surge?

One thing I found somewhat interesting among the "dymanic" allocation
of resources type infrastructure was the fact that my capacity
planning is on the order of weeks, while the exchanges assume
something on the order of minutes. I don't have enough capital sitting
around that I can afford to deploy and hook up a bunch of OC-x ports
to an exchange and then sit there waiting for them to be used maybe
sometimes in the future, for sure, etc etc.

So perhaps the thought of an optical exchange running out of resources
might be a bit of an overkill at this stage?