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Re: whois for just prefix list

  • From: Joao Luis Silva Damas
  • Date: Mon Apr 14 10:04:32 2003

The RIPE server uses a different syntax. The query language was not part of the RPSL specification and so different servers chose different paths inthis regard.

With the server you want to say

whois -h -k -iorigin AS3130

Another option is to use peval, which is lightweight, quick, knows about the different server syntaxes *and* expands macros recursively and correctly, which most server implementations do not.


At 6:27 -0700 14/4/03, Randy Bush wrote:
!gas does not even work for ripe server

    % whois -h \!gas3130
    % This is the RIPE Whois server.
    % The objects are in RPSL format.
    % Rights restricted by copyright.
    % See

    %ERROR:108: bad character in input
    % An invalid character was passed in the query.  Allowed
    % characters are letters, numbers, and these: -_:+=.,@/?'.

as, imiho, the basic reason for all this irr stuff is to let
me build a peer filter, one would think that this sould be a
very simple thing, the thing for which all irr software would