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RE: Independent space from ARIN

  • From: Brandon Ross
  • Date: Mon Apr 14 17:04:08 2003

On Mon, 14 Apr 2003, Kris Foster wrote:

> There is a finite amount of IPv4 address space.

There's also a finite amount of real estate.

> If you recall the spectrum auctions of years past, only the
> ultra-wealthy become owners of it.

I don't believe spectrum auctions are really a good comparason.  In order
for the PCS spectrum to be useful, the license would have to cover a very
large part of geography.  With address space, there's no reason that a
variety of differently sized blocks couldn't be auctioned off which would
greatly increase the chances of different owners.  Reguardless, even if
only utra-wealthy become owners, they would still have to compete against
each other to resell, rent, or whatever they want to do with it to
organizations that actually want to use the space.

Of course, there are already many organizations that own fairly large
chuncks of unused space.  They would be able to freely sell it to whomever
they wish.  Surely you'd agree that most of the organizations that own
/8's but are using only a tiny fraction of the space would sell it

> The only good thing that would come of it, would be forcing everyone to
> transition to IPv6.

And if that's what the market demands then, great!

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