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Re: Independent space from ARIN

  • From: bdragon
  • Date: Tue Apr 15 16:05:43 2003

> The solution to the problems posted in this thread about ARIN is fairly
> simple.  It's time to deregulate the IP address market and convert to a
> free market approach to allocating IP addresses.  If address space could
> be bought and sold on a free market you would no longer have to justify
> your address space to anyone, saving untold amount of resources and costs
> pulling these reports together.  Of course, address space wouldn't be
> wasted the way it is today by organizations that hoard it, or by companies
> that go out of business because it would make sound financial sense to
> sell what you don't need.

God no, as can be seen with the DNS, free-market leads directly to
hoarding by those who have the resources, because it is considered
an investment in a cornered market.

It leads directly to a tragedy of the commons where 90% of the resources
get sucked up by 10% of the companies, and those who need address space
get extorted.

I'll know the net is dead if this ever comes about. While not perfect,
an objective 3rd party custodian is by far a better solution.