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Re: any successful implementation of anycast

  • From: Paul Vixie
  • Date: Fri Apr 18 02:37:47 2003

[email protected] (Arman) writes:

> We are thinking of deploying anycast in our network for our DNS servers and
> mirrored/redundant customer connection.
> Any useful feedback would be appreciated.
> It would be a small footprint, 3 sites within the continental US.

see, specifically ISC-TN-2003-1.  (as a bonus, this
TN was markuped using the recently mentioned tools from

f-root works this way.  paly/sanfran, san jose, madrid, hong kong, and new
york city are all bgp-anycasted.  (with plans for several dozen more cities.)

as long as you don't make silly assumptions about client locality based on
"which anycasted server heard it", such that you give back incoherent answers
in hopes that they will be somehow client-optimal, bgp-anycast isn't even
controversial at this point in time.
Paul Vixie