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Re: Low AS - Number

  • From: Andrea Abrahamsen
  • Date: Mon Apr 21 12:48:51 2003

"Mike (meuon) Harrison" wrote:

> On Mon, 21 Apr 2003, Dwight Ringdahl wrote:
> > Nope strictly for marketing reasons... ASN has almost no place in BGP
> > selection.
> Dang Geek Pride!  (Still MH94 and 3901 after all these years..)
> It's worse than hanging around Ham radio guys with 4 digit call signs...
> .. Next we'll get into .. "I booted off of paper tape.." and then..
> "I booted off of flip switches".. but I'm one of the few that have
> strung ferrites on a loom.. Martha.. get me my cane..
> ------- And to get completely off topic.. Why/how would you use
> an ASN for marketing purposes? And should this even be considered..
> except as a tongue in cheek geek thing?

My ICQ number has 6 digits.  Think I can sell it on eBay and make a fortune
? :)

It'd make me a heck of a lot more money than my stocks !  Things that make
you go hmmm...


Andrea Abrahamsen
Software Engineer, Intelligent Network Services
Cisco Systems