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Re: Open relays and open proxies

  • From: Joe Abley
  • Date: Fri Apr 25 11:21:17 2003

On Friday, Apr 25, 2003, at 08:17 Canada/Eastern, Jack Bates wrote:

With the exception of Joe-Jobs, spamvertised websites should be terminated.
If this were rigorously enforced, it would provide a mechanism for anybody with an axe to grind to take out any web site on the planet. Once all the commercial web sites had been taken off the air, the commercial web hosters would go out of business. Once all the web hosters were off the air, the access providers would go out of business (since there would be no interweb left for their customers to look at).

Billions of people stumble, blinking, out into the sunlight, deprived of their only usual means of communication with friends, and discover that they have neighbours...

... and then all die of SARS from the resulting unnatural proximity to other humans.

I say, do it. Let's take the humans out of the picture, and give the insects a chance to run the planet.