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Re: Selfish routing

  • From: Stephen Sprunk
  • Date: Mon Apr 28 00:12:01 2003

Thus spake <[email protected]>
> Do you *really* believe that metro gear works only in metro areas? I
> must have been dreaming having nightmares using bringin up PHL-DC
> span with only metro equipment located in DC, BLT and PHL.
> So how spending money on a box that sometimes helps your routing
> decisions when you dont have enough routers is the concession that
> must be made to maintain profitability?

Your arguments are as repetitive as they are incoherent.  Your position,
distilled, is that everyone will go bankrupt if they listen to their
vendors, and instead should spend money like crazy to build excess capacity
into their network which they wouldn't need with traffic engineering.

Lighting up dark fiber between pops is not as cheap, fast, or simple as you
pretend it is, nor is it necessarily less expensive than purchasing
circuits.  I've witnessed the implosion of many large ISPs and CLECs, and
all failed due to incredibly stupid business plans and/or mismanagement --
not technical or engineering decisions.  This includes all those Cisco
Funded Networks that provide us so much amusement.

Your personal anti-vendor crusade is adding much more heat than light to
this thread.  There are many technical approaches which may be valid
depending on business factors; to claim any approach but yours is financial
suicide is incredibly naive, not to mention provably wrong.


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