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Re: identity theft != spam

  • From: John Payne
  • Date: Thu May 15 13:40:24 2003

--On Thursday, May 15, 2003 19:14 +0200 Randy Bush <[email protected]> wrote:

what is wrong with this picture?
apart from the fact you've confused nanog with spam-l?

this exemplifies the corporate and legislative attempt to confuse
spam == uce with forgery.  if they can make the latter the issue,
this leaves the way completely clear for unsolicited commercial
email from the corporate sector which now fills our post boxes with
ground trees.
Carmack stole identities to sign up for Earthlink accounts. Don't confuse this with putting someone else's email address in his ratware.

And the thing that protects us against unsolicited commercial email from the corporate sector is ISPs enforcing their AUPs. Spammers forge, steal, hijack to avoid AUP enforcement.