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Re: IPv6

  • From: Eric Gauthier
  • Date: Thu Jun 12 14:34:42 2003

> Am I the only one that thinks IPv6 is a minimum of ten years out before
> you see actual non-geek demand?

Well, this probably doesn't fall completely under the non-geeek category,
but larger US Universities are starting to deploy v6 on their campuses as
well as using it for native transit over I2.  One driver is the research
folks (a.k.a geeks).  There is, however, another business driver.  Those
wonderfully huge class B's that we have grandfathered to us for free 
from so many years ago are starting to fill up with the explosion
in devices on campus - all our vending machines, card readers on every 
door, pervasive wireless, every student with both a laptop and a desktop...
Getting a nice, free (from I2) chuck of v6 space and pushing the community 
to use it is definitely preferable to paying ARIN for another /16....  If 
Universities start offering pervasively, you might see this spur growth in 
other sectors.

Eric :)