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RE: Advice/Experience with small sized DDWM gear

  • From: Deepak Jain
  • Date: Fri Jun 20 14:58:46 2003

> Nanogers,
> We are looking for advice/experience from folks who has used small 6-8
> Wavelength DDWM.
> Also what are the pros and cons of CDWM and DDWM?
> Application;  5 Mile Dark Fiber between two carrier neutral hotels in SF.
> All help is appreciated and results will be shared if requested.


	I think the biggest difference between small DWDM and CWDM is how much
growth room you need.

	If you need 8 wavelengths (possibly 16 is still called CWDM but I doubt it)
you can stay on the CWDM side. The lasers and the gear is generally cheaper.

	With DWDM gear everything seems to be more expensive, but you get a lot
more control as the electronics governing the chassis' tend to be much more
advanced. On a short run like that, many advanced features like all-optical
amplification and such are not necessary. I am not aware of any all-optical
CWDM amplifiers yet. (for example).

	If you are planning more than just 1 DF run, you could buy the less
expensive solution and just swap it out when you need something more and use
the CWDM solution somewhere else.

	If you have decent/modern fiber, you should be able to comfortable signal
8 waves x 1G or 8 x 2.5G (full duplex). Some DWDM gear will let you double
that on just 8 colors by going full duplex on each fiber (each thread).

	So its a question of how much BW you need and how much you want to pay
for right now.

	(If I am wrong, someone please correct me).

Hope this helps, let me know what you decide.

Deepak Jain