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RE: Country of Origin for Malicious Attacks

  • From: McBurnett, Jim
  • Date: Wed Jun 25 12:54:58 2003

of the scans I get and have seen..
60% APNIC region
	Most noteably- Taiwan, China, and Korea (north)
20% RIPE 
	Most noteable- Former Soviet Block nations then
		Scandanavian countries...
This is a rough estimate from the last 3 weeks...

I guess you may be after this kind of fact:
When I blocked HINET
(Taiwan based-- has a single /16 to my knowledge)
I cut scans/probes by 20%....


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Subject: Country of Origin for Malicious Attacks

I was wondering if folks had noticed any trends with malicious 
network attacks predominantly originating from any individual 
or group of countries.  Any observations, comments or help 
would be greatly appreciated.