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Re: Complaint of the week: Ebay abuse mail (slightly OT)

  • From: Justin Shore
  • Date: Sun Aug 03 19:37:01 2003

I submitted to for this RFC violation almost a
year ago (which they of course accepted):

Companies like this could simply care less.  If you don't run a mail 
system with "customers" expecting to receive mail from ebay then I'd 
recommend blocking  That would include their subsidiary,, which BTW is also listed on RFCi.  At the least I'd score 
their mail against the RFCi RHSBLs and add a score of 1.


On Sun, 3 Aug 2003, David G. Andersen wrote:

> To add to the eternally annoying list of companies that ignore
> [email protected] mail... ebay now requires that you fill in their lovely
> little web form to send them a note.  Even if, say, you're
> trying to let them know about another scam going around that
> tries to use the machine to extract people's
> credit card information.
> Has anyone had success in convincing companies that this is just
> A Bad Idea (ignoring abuse mail), and if so, how did you manage
> to do it?
> Sorry for the slightly non-operational content, but I've had it with
> ebay on this one.
>   -Dave