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Re: Server Redundancy

  • From: Allan Liska
  • Date: Wed Aug 06 13:41:26 2003

On 6 Aug 2003, Jason Greenberg wrote:
> Can I have some suggestions on how to load balance servers that are on
> seperate IP blocks?  Is there any way to perform translation at this
> level?  Exclude DNS based balancing please...  

Take a look at Nortel's Alteon product line, Cisco's CSS product line, or 
F5's BigIP Product Line.  All of which have Global Server Load Balancing 
capability.  The GSLB can be done a number of different ways on these 
boxes including stupid DNS tricks (not your typical round robin stuff, but 
still DNS) and using a BGP configuration.

Hope this helps!

Allan Liska
[email protected]