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Re: The impending DDoS storm

  • From: Mark Vallar
  • Date: Wed Aug 13 19:21:49 2003

Jack Bates Wrote:

> I have no affiliation with Microsoft, nor do I care about their services
> or products. What I do care about is a worm that sends out packets
> uncontrolled. If there is the possibility that this "planned" DOS will
> cause issues with my topology, then I will do whatever it takes to stop
> it. The fact that user's can't reach is irrelevant.

There will most likely be issues with a lot of networks.

I had a glimpse of what is to come on the 16th on Tuesday.  We have a
firewall customer that had an infected machine behind the firewall and the
RTC clock was set incorrectly to 8/16.  The firewall was *logging* ~50
attempts per second trying to connect on port 80 to
Since the worm was sending from a spoofed source address the firewall was
denying the packets.  This customers network is a /24 out of traditional
Class B space and I was seeing random source addresses from almost every IP
out of the /16.

This is not a forensic analysis, just what I observed in the firewall logs.

Is it a coincidence that 8/16 is a Saturday....I think not.  A lot less
personal on-site to deal with possible issues.

-Mark Vallar