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Re: email virus ==> over the top

  • From: JC Dill
  • Date: Thu Aug 21 15:09:37 2003

At 08:10 AM 8/21/2003, neal rauhauser wrote:

  No one loves me and I don't get much email from the folks who tolerate
me. I just got back from having lunch with some guys who tolerate me and
I found scads of messages from all over -the funniest among the bunch
for our Nanog readers:


  Looks like my internetwork equipment vendor and my two favorite peers
have their Windoze stuff in a complete state of 'higgledy piggledy' - a
technical term from Bloom County cartoons, for those not old enough to
Today's problem virus forges the "from" field. So all those emails "from" <user>@cisco/tacnet/wcom/sprint were sent from an infected computer (or computers) that had those email addresses in it. Probably from a computer on a competitor's network. You need to look at the received headers to find out where the emails are are *really* coming from.