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Re: Lazy Engineers and Viable Excuses

  • From: Haesu
  • Date: Mon Aug 25 19:10:16 2003


You ARE correct. If everyone employs IRR and put explicit filters everywhere, 
it'd be the perfect world..

I don't consider this  as lazy. I'd rather consider it as efficiency.
 Managing a filter list on one or a few route-servers rather than an
AS with hundred edge routers is so much time saving and less humanerror-prone.

IRR is great, and it should be used to maximum extent as possible. I've seen
people filtering accordingly to IRR properly, and also seen people creating
their own manageable applications that work beatifully on  *nix boxes.

Announcing filtering list over BGP inside an AS would be efficient management
to an extent however... 


  Haesu C.
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On Mon, Aug 25, 2003 at 04:22:24PM -0600, Danny McPherson wrote:
> Again...
> If folks were to implement explicit prefix filtering
> *everywhere* it wouldn't be necessary to filter only
> bogons and other miscellany explicitly.  Something of
> this sort would only "lower the lazy bar" (is it
> possible?) for the clueless and/or lazy (those which
> Rob's list currently accommodates, which is better than
> nothing, BUT.. -- no offense Rob, I'm pretty sure our
> beliefs are aligned here :-).
> If folks want to filter, please, please, PLEASE, employ IRR
> infrastructure and filter customers *AND* peers explicitly.
> If your vendors have issues with this, push them to fix it.
> Then you don't have to worry about bogons, max-prefixes,
> route hijacking, de-aggregation, or...
> Then we can worry about IRR infrastructure hardening and
> accuracy and derive explicit data plane filters from the
> output, as well as other tangible benefits.
> Is it really that hard?
> -danny