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Re: Internet privacy

  • From: Richard Cox
  • Date: Thu Oct 02 19:00:33 2003

On 2 Oct 2003 20:50 UTC Lyndon Nerenberg <[email protected]> wrote:

| As a company director and officer I do not have to make my home
| address and telephone number available. I don't even have to make
| the company's office address or telephone number public.

That may be so in your jurisdiction.  Some other jurisdictions differ.

| But I do have to provide an "office of record" where the company
| (or its officers and directors) can be served legal notice.
| Typically this is the address of the company's lawyer.

If there is a person at the office of record that accepts liability for
you (should you prove to be uncontactable) that ought to be sufficient.

| There's no reason why domain registrations should be any different.
| I can think of many good reasons for someone not wanting their home
| address and telephone number listed in the domain contact info.

That may be so.  If someone is unwilling to be contacted, it is arguable
if they should have any responsibility for a domain; owners can delegate
the responsibility _provided_ the delegated party accepts the liability.

| HOWEVER, there does need to be *some* form of valid contact information
| provided. Registrars might want to consider offering a point-of-contact
| intermediary service as a "value added" product.

GoDaddy already does.  It works very well.  However other registrars
might handle such a service in very different ways which could cause
a lot of harm.

Richard Cox