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Re: NTP, possible solutions, and best implementation

  • From: Nathan J. Mehl
  • Date: Fri Oct 03 13:35:15 2003

In the immortal words of Scott McGrath ([email protected]):
> 1 - Purchase a Cesium clock this is a Primary Time/Frequency standard 
>     which does not require access to a reference standard to maintain 
>     accuracy.
>     This is a Stratum 0 source so once placed behind a Unix/Cisco/Juniper
>     box you have a stratum 1 source.   This will cost you 30,000 -> 
>     100,000 US per unit.   The beam tube will require replacement
>     approx every 5 years for about 20,000 US.

They only cost that much new-in-box. :)


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