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Re: Is there anything that actually gets users to fix their computers?

  • From: Laurence F. Sheldon, Jr.
  • Date: Fri Oct 03 22:48:38 2003

Terry Baranski wrote:

> Obviously, this is by no means specific to computer patching.  People
> are either "busy", lazy, apathetic, etc.  Most don't pay attention until
> they're forced to; i.e., when their system stops working because a virus
> broke it or because their network access is shut off.  You can ask
> nicely or post warnings a billion times to no avail.  Human nature,
> perhaps.

There may be another factor.

Some people do not buy computers to "run firewalls", "get the latest
definitions for their AV software", or "download the latest patches"
anymore than they buy a car to "check the oil", "take it in for the 
most recent recall", or "get the radio repaired again".

No matter how many times they are told those are the most important
things about ownership by the people that seem somehow to profit 
from their doing so.