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Re: Is there anything that actually gets users to fix their computers?

  • From: Suresh Ramasubramanian
  • Date: Sun Oct 05 01:35:33 2003

Kee Hinckley [05/10/03 00:57 -0400]:
> Bringing this back to the more relevant topic.  Is there something 
> that ISPs could do to notify users and get in their face more without 
> shutting off their connection?  Perhaps a custom piece of 

I have seen corporate and university networks that make every PC have PC
Anywhere or its equivalent as part of the standard install, for activity to
be monitored.

In the case of ISP, stuff could be set up in broadband routers that
automatically quarantine a PC if they see any suspect traffic - restrict it
to a subnet where antivirus and OS patches are about the only thing
available, along with a chat window (messenger, or a java applet, or
whatever) that opens up to put you in touch with an ISP tech support guy.

Involves far less work in the long run, if infected boxes can get isolated or
quarantined automatically, as soon as the problem starts.

What is needed is a cheap and reasonably idiot proof IDS plugin - broadband
"routers" anyway do just about everything else, DHCP, NAT, Port Forwarding