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as6198 aggregation event

  • From: James Cowie
  • Date: Sun Oct 05 09:28:42 2003

On Friday, we noted with some interest the appearance of more 
than six hundred deaggregated /24s into the global routing 
tables.  More unusually, they're still in there this morning.  

AS6198 (BellSouth Miami) seems to have been patiently injecting 
them over the course of several hours, between about 04:00 GMT 
and 08:00 GMT on Friday morning (3 Oct 2003).  

Here's a quick pic:

I can share more details offline.

Usually when we see deaggregations, they hit quickly and they 
disappear quickly; nice sharp vertical jumps in the table size. 
This event lasted for hours and, more importantly, the prefixes 
haven't come back out again, an unusual pattern for a single-origin
change that effectively expanded global tables by half a percent.   

Can anyone share any operational insight into the likely causes of 
this event?  Has it caused any operational problems for anyone?  


James Cowie
Renesys Corporation