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Re: Security v. Privacy (was Re: Is there anything that actually gets users to fix their computers?)

  • From: Suresh Ramasubramanian
  • Date: Sun Oct 05 17:01:05 2003

Sean Donelan [05/10/03 16:49 -0400]:
> There are some differences between private networks and public networks.
> In a company, the company is the "owner" of the PCs and employees (in the

Very true - and that was the context I mentioned this in.

> So from an ISPs point of view, is there a way for the ISP to quickly
> tell the customer if the particular computer is fixed without unduly

Isolate his IP and have all outbound http redirected to a page that
says "please call [escalated tech support number]" to get this fixed.

Seems to be the only reasonably foolproof way.

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