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Re: Verisign's public opinion play

  • From: Mark Radabaugh
  • Date: Tue Oct 07 01:01:13 2003

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Subject: Re: Verisign's public opinion play

> its own commercial goals.
> P.S. Blood pressure medicine is not enough, after reading these two
> articles from CNET, I'm now sick to my stomach... Are we really going
> to let Verisign play this corporate interest misinformation compaign in
> the media like that? I don't want the rest of the net ending up like
> netscape (corporation, not the browser software), especially considering
> such a clear parallels between Verisign and Microsoft.

How much money from each .com/.net registration goes to Verisign for
gtld-servers?  I thought it was a couple of dollars anyway.  I find it hard
to believe that Verisign is not making a profit (not that that is a bad
thing since they are playing that angle) off of this.   I'm sure there are
plenty of other entities that would be happy to do this service for the
money they get for it.

If the firestorm Verisign ignited burns down their own house I don't think
there will be many people crying.  Note to Verisign - now is the time to
slink home with your tail between your legs.   Keep fanning the flames any
you might find out that this 'vocal minority' is capable of creating
considerable blowback.

Mark Radabaugh
(419) 720-3635