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Re: DoS Attacks

  • From: Brian Bruns
  • Date: Wed Oct 08 00:09:47 2003

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Sent: Tuesday, October 07, 2003 11:56 PM
Subject: Re: DoS Attacks

> I think I would follow two avenues next time - the direct approach with
> (or wherever the traffic is coming from) as well as with your DSL
> Your upstream should be able to assist in at least keeping the traffic off
> of your dedicated line.
> Whether your DSL provider has the resources to sink the traffic may be
> another matter  -- but they are at least in a position to help you and
> (since you are paying them) have an interest in dealing with you.

I hate to say this, but Ameritech/SBC is utterly useless in matters like
this.  I mean, at one point their redback was being nailed, and they didn't
seem to care one bit.  After 5pm, everyone with a clue seems to leave, and
we are left with useless low level help desk techs.

Our DSL service isn't bad - in fact it rarely goes down.  The problem is
that when we need their help with something out of our league, they are
completely useless.  Anyone know of a contact number for SBC/Ameritech that
would be useful in a case like this?

Brian Bruns
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