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Re: DoS Attacks

  • From: Haesu
  • Date: Wed Oct 08 20:21:01 2003

<rant style="moaning and useless" context="naive">

I really don't give a ^H^H^H^H!H  *  !X  *!X  about what timeframe abuse departments operate. I just want more upstreams (or specifically my upstreams) to have a community that I can announce a /32 to null.



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On Wed, Oct 08, 2003 at 07:19:39PM -0400, Alan Spicer wrote:
> >
> > Due to the efficiency of our upstream provider's abuse department,
> > opening efficiently at 8 am and closing just as efficiently at 5 pm
> (because we all know network abuse only occurs between 8 and 5), the ISP
> wasn't going to be of much help with an attack that started at 6:30pm
> localtime.
> >
> > Andrew D Kirch
> > Security Admin - Summit Open Source Development Group
> >
> >
> * A lot of Abuse Departments are going to close at around 5pm, because the
> advanced staff that would know how to deal with such things goes home around
> that time. But most of them should have an escalation procedure, which means
> that there is someone(s) over the staff in the NOC or Call (Support) Center
> which can be called if necessary. You should insist or demand the issue be
> escalated if it warrants this. If they won't escalate it ask for the phone
> number of the supervisor... If they escalate it and you don't get a call
> back in 30-60 minutes ... call again (repeat until you get a call back). Be
> prepared to justify why you have had your issue escalated complete with
> emailable detailed information. Even if the guy that calls you back
> (semi-technical manager type) doesn't have the proper clue, chances are he
> has someone else on call that does.
> If they don't have this escalation capability ... (IMHO) get a different
> ISP.
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