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Re: Wired mag article on spammers playing traceroute games with trojaned boxes

  • From: John Capo
  • Date: Thu Oct 09 18:46:21 2003

Quoting [email protected] ([email protected]):
> it?  Convince registrars to kill domains that are clearly being used by 
> thieves?

>From a post on NANE, here's what the registar for had
to say on Oct 1:

> In order to terminate service of this domain name we will need a strong
> sampling of complaints.  Please fax a complaint to 858.560.9417 and include
> your complaint, name, email address and any supporting evidence you have.
> It is not our intent to keep a domain active that promoted criminal activity
> but we do take the suspension of a domain name very seriously.  Thank you in
> advance for you cooperation and I can assure you that your faxed complaint
> will be taken seriously.

Anyone with half a clue can see that is using a network
of zombies. Obviously has no clue.

I started the day with a few hundred bounces from vano-soft's spam
runs due to forged sender addresses in one of my domains.  I spent
the rest of the day googleing for case law that might be applied
to the network operators providing connectivity to the trojaned
boxes being used for illegal activities, identity theft.  Didn't
accomplish much except wasting the day.

John Capo