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Re: SOLVED? was Re: contact at yahoo mail?...

  • From: Scott Stursa
  • Date: Fri Oct 10 12:14:49 2003

On Fri, 10 Oct 2003, Suresh Ramasubramanian wrote:

> Mark Jeftovic [10/10/03 08:33 -0400]:
> >
> > I've received an email offlist that this problem should be back to
> > "pre-yesterday" conditions. It looks better on our end, as it should for
> > all else affected I would think.
> Our problem looks considerably larger than pre yesterday conditions now :(
> I'd appreciate a contact there if you have one.

As would I.

They are blocking only the server where we put undergraduate accounts,
over 60% of which have forwarding set, most frequently to Hotmail, Yahoo
and AOL accounts. When the spam volume coming in here gets too high, our
server *appears* to be an open relay (which it is not).

The bounced messages contain a pointer to a web page which claims they
only block after running a relay test on the suspect IP, this being done
"after that IP address has been identified as source of significant suspicious
inbound traffic".

I'm wondering it they aren't bothering with the test anymore.

AOL did the same thing to us about ago. It took several days to
get that resolved.


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