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.name TLD - resolution issues

  • From: Suresh Ramasubramanian
  • Date: Sun Oct 12 11:01:59 2003

Hi there

We operate webmail services for the .name TLD (MX and DNS resolution are
handled by the people).

After the recent Verisign brouhaha, several of y'all patched their nameservers
to stop believing Verisign (so did we).  Just that quite a few of you also seem to have set up your resolvers to do the same thing with other wildcarded TLDs.

.name is a wildcarded TLD and does have legit domains on it.  Right now we are
seeing a lot of problems with .name domains being treated as unresolvable
thanks to this, and mail from .name users is not getting through as mailservers
are configured not to accept mail from unresolvable domains.

I know, .name domains don't have zones or NS records attached to them - but
yes, this is a legit wildcard (kind of like .museum, but this one is for vanity
domains).  I'd request DNS admins here to not treat .name as delegation-only.


srs (postmaster|suresh) // gpg : EDEDEFB9
manager, security and antispam operations