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Re: abuse from a user of this list

  • From: Booth, Michael (ENG)
  • Date: Mon Oct 13 12:46:39 2003

> Based on the web pages at and, 
> I see an effort to improve the community not found at either 
> nor

I didn't draw that conclusion at all.  Much the opposite, judging from 
their photo gallery, they seem like a bunch of script kiddies trying to 
make a name for themselves in the "open source community", while bumming 
around for jobs, and doing hosting on their Ameritech DSL in blatant 
violation of their AUP (any guys from SBC on this list?).  I wouldn't take 
them seriously.

Have a listen to for proof of their 

Calling someone and telling them to "get a life", in response to a NANOG 
post, is like a  parapalegic telling me I walk funny.

Michael Booth