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Re: ix's & prefix registration

  • From: Nipper, Arnold
  • Date: Tue Oct 14 12:53:56 2003

DE-CIX ( does (see 4.4 And afaik
that's also true for LINX, AMS-IX, Xchangepoint, ... Look at their policies
as well.

DE-CIX does not monitor this. However if you are using DE-CIX's routeserver
your announcements are filtered against your policy (as path lists and ip
filter lists).

Regards, Arnold

On Tuesday, October 14, 2003 6:28 PM, joshua sahala
<[email protected]>
> hello to all
> i was wondering if there were some published docs online regarding the
> registration of route objects and membership at an ix - specifically,
> do ixp's around the world require that their members register all of
> their route objects prior to being allowed to exchange traffic at the
> ix?  if so, how do you/they monitor this?  is it left up to the other
> providers at the ix to verify that they are peering with someone who
> registers their objects?  is this something that an ix could/should
> worry about?
> i know that many providers around the world are increasingly requiring
> registration, and that many build their filters from these registrations,
> but i have been unable to find anything wrt internet exchanges.
> replies on or off, i will summarize
> thanks
> /joshua
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