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Re: Any RBLs still alive that list DSL/Dialup/Cable Modem dynamic addr ranges?

  • From: John R. Levine
  • Date: Wed Oct 15 14:16:53 2003
  • Newsgroups: iecc.lists.nanog

> Are there any RBLs still out there that list cable modem, dialup and
> dsl IPs? (anything dynamically assigned or home users)?


> DIALUPS.MAIL-ABUSE.ORG does not seem to be functioning.

Gee, my zone transfer worked just fine this morning.  You are aware,
aren't you, that you've needed a (frequently no-charge) license to use
the MAPS zones for several years now?

Other lists of dynamic hosts include the DNSBL
and Gordon Feyck's PDL at

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