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Re: [Fwd: [IP] VeriSign to revive redirect service]

  • From: JC Dill
  • Date: Thu Oct 16 13:08:21 2003

At 02:56 AM 10/16/2003, Suresh Ramasubramanian wrote:


VeriSign to revive redirect service
by Declan McCullagh

VeriSign will give a 30- to 60-day notice before resuming a
controversial and temporarily suspended feature that redirected many
.com and .net domains, company representatives said Wednesday.
I'm not going to be at NANOG in Chicago next Monday (October 20th), but if I were, I'd be in the foyer Monday morning with a few crates of tomatoes, selling individual tomatoes.

If everyone who attends NANOG goes to the 9:15 session on Monday morning


and takes a single large tomato into the session with them, that this will make a VISIBLE sign to Verisign. It will make for a great photo opportunity, and turn this issue into something that the ordinary press can more easily explain to the non-technical Internet using masses. I also suggest that people wear red shirts on Monday. Enable the press to write about how Network Operators obviously and visibly *demonstrated* their unhappiness with Verisign. Try "Network Operators are seeing Red over Sitefinder" or "Verisign gets pelted with tomatoes over Sitefinder" as a headline. Note: I'm not actually suggesting that people pelt Verisign representatives with the tomatoes, you could just individually walk up to the front of the room and put your tomatoes in a pile where they can be seen. A pile of 500 tomatoes that are brought there individually, each tomato representing the opinion of a NANOG participant, *will* make an impact.