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Re: Tomatoes for Verisign at NANOG 29

  • From: Howard C. Berkowitz
  • Date: Thu Oct 16 14:57:00 2003

Dan and Owen, I nominate you two for the tomato acquisition and distribution committee.

To recap: At NANOG 29 in Chicago, on Monday October 20th at 9:15 am a session on "VeriSign's Wildcard Record: Effects and Responses" will be held, with Mark Kosters and Matt Larson from VeriSign and Suzanne Woolf from ISC:


If you are attending NANOG 29, please attend this session and wear a red shirt.
Ahem. Many of us are Star Trek experts, and it will take a LOT more than this to get people to wear a red shirt.

If possible, please buy/bring a tomato. Take your tomato to the front of the room and place them in a pile before Verisign, to make it absolutely clear how you feel about Verisign's wildcards and sitefinder. Please do not throw your tomatoes.

Given that we deal, in any case, with virtualizations, I rather like the idea, instead, of projecting "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" on several walls. One can also explain that the careful designers at Verisign are spiritual kin to the producer and director of that movie.