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Re: Tomatoes for Verisign at NANOG 29

  • From: Chris Strandt
  • Date: Thu Oct 16 15:18:23 2003

Maybe a "vote" at the end of the presentation would be better.

After Verisign has to say what they want, it would be interesting to see what the participants think of starting Site Finder again.

Its not as press worthy... but it lets Verisign have their say, and gives the community a voice right there on the spot on the issue.


Wayne E. Bouchard wrote:

Just a brief statement that kinda goes without saying but I'll say it

Although I'm not going to be there personally, I do intend to watch
the netcast.

I would just ask (and I'm sure merit folks share this) that despite
the actions that have been taken by verisign and the conflicts etc,
that people please be curteous and not just outright harrass their
representatives but allow them to make their presentation as they
intend. (The last thing we need to do is lend credence to the
statements that have been made in the press regarding this community.)

On Thu, Oct 16, 2003 at 11:19:59AM -0700, JC Dill wrote:

Dan and Owen, I nominate you two for the tomato acquisition and distribution committee.

To recap: At NANOG 29 in Chicago, on Monday October 20th at 9:15 am a session on "VeriSign's Wildcard Record: Effects and Responses" will be held, with Mark Kosters and Matt Larson from VeriSign and Suzanne Woolf from ISC:


If you are attending NANOG 29, please attend this session and wear a red shirt. If possible, please buy/bring a tomato. Take your tomato to the front of the room and place them in a pile before Verisign, to make it absolutely clear how you feel about Verisign's wildcards and sitefinder. Please do not throw your tomatoes.

I wish I could be there!

Now to make sure that someone with clue from the Chicago Sun Times and the Chicago Tribune are both there, with photographers. Does anyone on this list have any contacts at either of these papers?


Wayne Bouchard
[email protected]
Network Dude