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Re: False information: CEO of Versign facts are wrong

  • From: Brian Bruns
  • Date: Fri Oct 17 13:12:14 2003

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Sent: Friday, October 17, 2003 8:26 AM
Subject: False information: CEO of Versign facts are wrong

> Quotes Stratton Sclavos:
> "The DDOS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks last October on the root
> system--hey, there are 13 global copies of that, and they're all
> operating. It should scare people that nine of the 13 went down. It's time
> for the Internet infrastructure to go commercial. On the core services of
> the infrastructure, it's time to pull the root servers away from
> volunteers who run them out of a university or lab or some other level.
> That's going to be an unpopular decision."

Methinks that one comment is going to make them even more hated then
Microsoft or SCO (who both rank right up there with being universally
despised on the Internet).

They are digging themselves a grave thats a few miles deep.  Lets hope ICANN
sees this and makes the right decision on how to deal with this growing

I'm going to play journalist for a while and make some calls.  I'll let you
know what kind of 'official' statements I can drag out of these idiots.
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