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Re: Email Deliverability Summit II Update

  • From: todd glassey
  • Date: Fri Oct 17 19:38:34 2003

Dave - the problem with basic email is that is has no assured delivery
capabilities or receipt processes. These have always been its failings
relative to commercial transactional messaging and until they are resolved
there is NO hope that email will be usable for anything other than casual
messaging - and if you have any doubts see the ABA's recommendation on email
security and use.

Todd Glassey
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Subject: Re: Email Deliverability Summit II Update

> Anne,
> APME> Those accomplishments include the promulgation and announcement of 5
> APME> new industry standards for both email senders and receivers (this is
> APME> up at, the presentation of
> APME> which is a receivers/senders contact information database (it was
> This is excellent work!
> A question is: how best to proceed?
> Email has rather complex dynamics.  As Verisign has shown us for the DNS
> -- which has arguably simpler dynamics -- small changes can have big and
> unexpected effects.  Usually those effects are nasty.
> Consequently, I am hoping that your group intends to bring these
> proposed standards to a venue that does open standards development and
> adoption, to ensure that the specifications are subject to broad review
> and commentary.
> d/
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