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Re: Observation on SiteFinder

  • From: Ray Bellis
  • Date: Mon Oct 20 16:57:21 2003

> From the "Technical Adviser" column in today's
> Wall Street Journal:
> So, what kind of tips do the tipsters give you?
> Here's a typical one: Before you type in a Web
> address in your browser, in nearly all cases
> you don't need the "www " part; you'll be taken
> where you want to go without it. In other words,
> "" is the same as ""

Indeed, but most of the unwanted side effects didn't affect browsers, they
were in other systems that performed DNS lookups.

Browser intepration of URLs are up to the browser, and HTTP is precisely the
application that Verisign is seeking to intercept.

In any case, if a user asks for and that doesn't exist,
Verisign's "service" would have stopped the browser from trying to fall
through to

One way or another, Verisign are going to try and find a way to force their
service on us.  As far as I can see some of the worst side effects would be
somewhat mitigated if that wildcard worked for www.*.com.



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