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Re: Heads-up: AT&T apparently going to whitelist-only inbound mail

  • From: Crist Clark
  • Date: Tue Oct 21 18:21:41 2003

Jeff Wasilko wrote:

> What AT&T is asking is for you to help AT&T to restrict incoming mail
> to just our known and trusted sources (e.g., business partners, clients
> and customers).  Therefore, we need to know which IP address(es) are
> used by your outbound e-mail service so we can selectively permit them.
>  Please send this information to the following e-mail address
> ([email protected]).

And none of AT&T's legitimate business partners, clients, and customers
have dynamic IP addresses? None of them go home and relay through their
home ISP? Or use when off site?

I mean dealing with spam and email borne worms costs money, but I cannot
imagine how much $$$ in administrative overhead this policy will cost.
This is going to burn many man-hours to build and then to maintain forever
and ever and ever.

Any AT&Ters on this list know the inside story? And I would think something
like this will show up in the trade rags if not the techology section of
mainstream media outlets. Anyone seen anything (or should I wait for it to
hit /.)?
Crist J. Clark                               [email protected]
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