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RE: Rx and Tx on a single SMF strand for MANs?

  • From: Peter John Hill
  • Date: Fri Oct 24 14:21:20 2003


gbic form factor. No experience with it, but looks pretty cool for special cases...

Peter Hill

--On Friday, October 24, 2003 2:09 PM -0400 Deepak Jain <[email protected]> wrote:

A bunch of guys make these in very simple configurations.


There are companies that make a plug-in GBIC that is single attach as well,
but I can't seem to find the URL readily.

Something similar:

Deepak Jain

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Subject: Rx and Tx on a single SMF strand for MANs?

Would anyone like to contribute their favorite solution for doing
both Rx and Tx over a single fiber, in MAN environments?

I've found that unit, but I'm hoping to find some alternatives...
 Is there anything that will do 1000Mb over a single fiber?