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Re: Korea Telecom Contacts?

  • From: just me
  • Date: Mon Oct 27 17:25:21 2003

Hi Joe-

On Mon, 27 Oct 2003, Joe Abley wrote:

  On 27 Oct 2003, at 16:49, just me wrote:

  > The physical location is secondary to the quality of connectivity to
  > the region, and the quality of the facility, in that order.

  The pertinent questions are, I think (a) what do you mean by "the
  region" and (b) what constitutes good quality connectivity for your

  Asia Pacific is a big place. If you really mean "the whole of Asia
  Pacific", the answer is quite possibly still "Palo Alto".

"The region" does indeed mean the whole of asia pacific. My objective
is to locate the service where query-response latency will be the
lowest for as many clients in the region as possible.

I realize that AP is a tough area to cover; I spent three years doing
ISP work in Tokyo. Like I said in my reply to Suresh, I'd love to be
able to drop more than one POP in the region. F's locations in New
Zealand, Hong Kong, and Seoul sound pretty ideal. Unfortunately, I
only have room for one POP on the budget.


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